Mac or Windows?

The ongoing battle of Mac vs Windows has been discussed for so many years, its an endless war between both systems. For many of us buyers, deciding whether to buy a Mac or Windows can be a very tough decision. Both system has its own advantages and disadvantages, so at the end of the day it may very well depends on your preferences on which you think is better for you. A lot of people’s choices does have to do with people’s influences and the media, so it’s important to do your own research and find out what works best for you. Let’s find out more in the following related articles.

Windows vs. Mac: Who Is The Winner?

Wait. What? Is that whole ‘Windows vs. Mac’ thing still going on? I thought that was settled 20 years ago. Steve Jobs himself said the desktop wars were over. Microsoft won. Is that battle still raging?

Yes, but it depends. Somehow the battle rages on in Matt Weinberger’s head on a very slow news day at the Business Insider Fake News Emporium. You see, Windows vs. the Mac is just exactly like Android vs. the iPhone. They’re false equivalencies but they make for great fodder during the aforementioned slow news days when nothing else matter except presidential tweets.

False equivalencies? Uh, yeah. Windows is an operating system. The Mac is a personal computer. That’s much like Android is an operating system. The iPhone is a smartphone. But people love a good comparison so let’s take a stroll down Business Insider’s ever imaginary yellow brick road to see why the tide is turning in Microsoft’s favor. (read more at

Which is Better, Mac or Windows?

Apple’s software has long been heralded as a better designed and easier to use system, with Windows being a less glossy but more adaptable option. Is there still truth to that oversimplification? Well, both systems are now so feature-congruent that the old rivalry doesn’t exactly hold true anymore. Both systems offer all the major features you’d expect of a modern operating system and, for daily usage, most people would be fine with either.

It’s in the details, though, where they differ. If you’re a gamer, you’ll probably want to stick with Windows particularly because you can adapt your own hardware to suit your needs. That might mean building a soup-ed system from scratch or just upgrading your graphics card.

Both macOS and Windows 10 have voice assistants, with Cortana on Windows and Siri on Mac. While they can be helpful when you just want to check the weather or search for something online, we’ve found that we don’t use them all that much. It feels a little less natural than using voice assistants on a phone and laptop microphones don’t always work that well. (read more at

Why I left Mac for Windows: Apple has given up

If you ask anyone who knows me, I’m probably the biggest Apple fan they know. Ask for a suggestion of what computer to get, and I’ll almost certainly either tell you the MacBook Pro, or to wait, because Apple is about to update its hardware finally.

But recently, I realized I’d gotten tired of Apple’s attitude toward the desktop. The progress in macOS land has basically been dead since Yosemite, two years ago, and Apple’s updates to the platform have been incredibly small. I’m a developer, and it seems to me Apple doesn’t pay any attention to its software or care about the hundreds of thousands of developers that have embraced the Mac as their go-to platform.

Take a look at Sierra: the only feature of note is Siri, which is half-baked as it is, and the things that did get ported over from iOS are half-done too. On the developer side? Nothing, unless you use XCode — the same story it’s been for years. (read more at

Mac Vs Windows