How to Take Apart a Dell Inspiron 6000

Repairing or replacing some components on the Dell Inspiron 6000 requires the complete disassembly of the computer. Changing the motherboard or some of the com1260687_bk_1160-100160827-origponents embedded on it is difficult to do, requiring you to remove layer upon layer of electronic components. Be prepared to remove a multitude of screws in order to take this computer apart.



  1. Save all your important documents and files to a removable media device, such as a USB flash drive, a compact disc or an external hard drive.
  2. Shut down the computer and remove the power cable and any externally-mounted devices that are connected to it.
  3. Turn the computer over and remove the battery.
  4. Locate the memory module compartment near the battery bay and extract the two screws from the cover. Remove the cover.
  5. Remove the memory module(s) by spreading the tabs so that the module(s) pop up at an angle. Pull the module(s) straight out of the port.
  6. Locate the screw near the lock symbol and extract the screw. Slide the tab under the screw toward the optical drive to release the drive. Pull the optical drive off the computer.
  7. Locate the hard drive near the battery bay and extract the two screws from it. Pull the hard drive out of the computer.
  8. Turn the computer over and open the display as far as it will go.
  9. Insert a flat-head screwdriver into the far-right end of the hinge cover and pry it up. Pull the hinge cover up moving from the right side toward the left, until it is completely off the computer.

Instructions 2

Step 1

Extract the two screws from the top of the keyboard and lift the keyboard to expose the flat cable underneath. Disconnect the flat cable and remove the keyboard from the computer.

Step 2

Check for a mini-PCI card in the top-right corner of the keyboard area. This will not be present in the computer unless you installed one or ordered one as an option. If your computer lacks one, move on to Step 12. If a mini-PCI card is present, disconnect the antenna cables from it.Release the tabs on the card, letting it will pop up at an angle. Pull the card straight out of its port.

Step 3

Extract the two screws on each display hinge.

Step 4

Extract the screw that secures the black ground cable to the computer, and disconnect the display cable from the computer.

Step 5

Take the display off the computer and turn the computer over.

Step 6

Extract 13 screws from the base of the computer: 11 of them are located along the edges of the base; one screw is located near the battery release tab; the last of the screws is located between the air vent and the memory module compartment.

Step 7

Turn the computer over and extract the screw labeled with a “P” from the middle-right side of the keyboard area (below the mini-PCI card compartment), then remove the screw from the top-middle part of the display hinge space.

Step 8

Disconnect the touch-pad cable located in the center of the keyboard space, and take the palm rest off the computer.

Step 9

Locate the video card/thermal cooling assembly located in the top-center part of the computer (where the hinge cover was), and extract the two screws from it. Lift the complete assembly off the motherboard.

Step 10

Locate the heat sink to the left of where the video card/thermal cooling assembly was. Extract the screw(s) that secure the heat sink to the motherboard and pull it off the computer.


Final Part

  • Disconnect the speaker cable (running up from the bottom-left part of the computer) from the motherboard.
  • Locate the microprocessor thermal-cooling fan assembly (the fan on the left side of the motherboard) and extract the four screws on it in the numerical order in which they’re labeled. Remove the assembly from the computer.
  • Turn the screw on the microprocessor (located beneath the thermal-cooling fan assembly) counterclockwise until it can’t turn anymore, and lift the microprocessor off the motherboard.
  • Extract three screws from the motherboard: one of them is located at the top-left corner of the hard drive cage; another is located at the bottom-right corner of the hard drive cage; the last one is found on the back wall, directly above where the video card/thermal-cooling assembly was located.
  • Disconnect the cable for the internal Bluetooth card (running from the bottom-right corner of the laptop to the motherboard).
  • Lift the motherboard straight up out of the computer to finish the complete disassembly of the Dell Inspiron 6000. To assemble it back, follow the instructions in reverse order (use upgraded parts, if applicable).

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